Wallpaper: Warschauer Straße

This is a wallpaper that I’ve used for a long time. I created it from a snapshot that I made at “Warschauer Straße” in Berlin. It’s one of my favorite wallpapers and I want to share it.

Wallpaper Warschauer Straße Monitor by solemone

You can download it in the following sizes:


  1. Nice! Thanks for sharing :)

    by Miezer on
  2. Hello! Great work, great art!! Can I use this for free on my social sites with your credit? I love it!! Congrats+++ Cris;)

    by Cris Gunther on
  3. Yes, you can.

    by solemone on
  4. Thank YOU very much!! I will send you the links very soon, after everything is at a high level of cool!! Have a great week+++ All the best!! CRIS:)

    by Cris Gunther on
  5. Great art, can i use this one for my social sites, i will pretty fit with my youtube account wih my reggae selection.
    your works are pretty cool.

    by Softlight97 on
  6. Yes, you can.

    by solemone on

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