Watchever iPhone and PS3 App Concept

For the course 42” 10” 4” at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam Paul Thiele and I designed a revision of the WATCHEVER apps (streaming service) for iPhone and Playstation 3.

In addition to the completely redesigned screens we created a tool to discover (Discoveror™), which promises a quick filtering for desired content on the basis of genre-cover. Also we created a new rating system (DiamondRate™), which says goodbye to the five stars but allows differentiated assessment and evaluation. The design was supervised by Timm Kekeritz and Frank Rausch—

My favorite feature is the Discoveror, because it makes the discovery playfully simple and is almost infinite possible. Here are three screens of a typical exploration, but the video shows that much better. If you want to learn more or at least to check out all the screen designs you can go to the documentation.

Discoveror Watchever App Screens

Playstation 3

We also made some designs for the Playstatio 3 App.


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