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Albums iTunes Redesign

A redesign of iTunes allowing you to listen only to complete albums.

iTunes has a lot of functionality and features but I prefer to listen to albums. ALBUMS lets you listen to complete albums only. It combines the best of the album and the artist view of iTunes.

Artists are divided in their own discography with all albums ordered by release dates and visualized in an interactive timeline. Additional information is presented in a unique color scheme for every album, and similar ones can be discovered through an endless browsing experience.


Every discography has an interactive timeline that quickly gives the user an idea of how many albums were released and how much time elapsed between the releases.

Albums Detail Timeline
Artists have their own timeline based on the discography. Mouse Over highlights the current album.

Connected Albums

Every focused album has its own connection tab enabling infinite browsing through the music library.

Albums Detail Connections
Connections to other albums can be explored by infinite browsing.


For a continuous playback experience a playlist is indispensable—but this playlist accepts complete albums only.

Albums Detail Playlist
Three albums in the playlist—that’s enough music for the next two hours. Lean back and just enjoy the melodies.