Watchever Redesign

A redesign of the Watchever apps
for iPhone and PS3.

Watchever provides on-demand Internet streaming media. For the redesign we focused on three main target areas:

  1. Rapid re-entering of current media for quick continuation.
  2. Exciting discovery of movies and series.
  3. A more accurate rating system than five stars.

Rapid re-entering

The home screen allows instant playback of the last watched contents.

Re-entering the latest media is very simple. Just start the app and select the desired content from the list. You’ll note that we took extra care to make a good mix between the system’s standard lists and our own interface elements.


In addition to the completely redesigned screens we created a tool to discover new content. The Discoveror does a quick filter for desired content on the basis of the genre-cover possible.

Find new stuff through film covers with the Discoveror.

Filtering a genre is possible by selecting a movie cover, not a text like “Love stories”. This conceptional decision is a consequence of learning that movie covers within the same genre tend to be very similar. We love this way of exploring similar content by getting deeper into a genre. For us there is less abstraction involved, so it’s a bit easier to explore new stuff.

Diamond Rate

We wanted a rating system but didn’t like the classic star system. So we created a new rating system that says goodbye to the five stars but allows differentiated assessment and evaluation. As a result the app shows more details of the voting. If 50 per cent vote that the movie is good and the other half that it is bad—does this mean the movie is mediocre? No, in our opinion it is polarizing!

PS3 App

The task was to make an app for two different platforms. As we like to play we picked the Playstation 3 as the second platform. Ordinary users are pretty limited when it comes to controlling a game console, whereas professional players are familiar with the key layout. Hence, the standards of the platform supported a solution for all users and helped us to make navigation operations as short as possible.